Crazy busy

This time of year is exceptionally busy for me – the end of the fiscal year means lots of deals coming to a head at the same time. I typically am travelling 3-4 days a week, often in a different state every day. It kinda reminds me of the harvest in my last career as a winemaker. In reality I was never an actual winemaker although I hold a degree in Enology from UCDavis. I was always a “Cellar Rat” working the equipment in the cellar. The harvest was known as “Crush” in the wineries and it was phenonmenally busy. I would typically work 10-14 hours per day (or night) and 6-7 days a week. It only lasted around 2 months (one month of really long hours and one month of fairly high), but those experiences taught me how to make the push through a busy time. So in some ways the Sales cycle seems pretty tame in comparison.

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