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Since I just sent out a mass email that mentioned this blog, I figured I should post an update on goings on around our place.

After Oracle took over PeopleSoft (where I used to work) in January, I resigned my position and took 6 months off of work. You can see the ensuing hair colors below – being unemployed has that effect on me. I really enjoyed my sabbatical, but the money had to run out eventually and I found a great position with a much smaller company called Guidewire Software. I am doing a fairly similar job to my last one – helping sell software by explaining the benefits to customers. It is a very good role for me.

As for the family, you can see below that Caleb is learning the Unicycle (he is now in third grade) and Anna is in her second year of Kindergarten. They both still enjoy going to school (we will see how long that lasts) but they preferred when Dad just stayed home instead of traveling for work. Caleb has often said “Dad, why do you have to work?”. I have not come up with a compelling answer to that one yet. Meta (my wife) is pursuing an education in Eurythmy, which is a Waldorf inspired movement form. She is also keeping the household running smooth, especially when I’m on the road.

On a personal front I continue to practice yoga on a regular basis and I go to Alexander Technique lessons from time to time. Although the new job slowed down my reading a bit I still manage to get a good book in from time to time (see review below). Add to that learning to unicycle (I was inspired by Caleb) and life is very full for me at the moment.

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