Great Movie – My Architect

I am not really a huge fan of the family documentary – for example, “Pop and Me” and “Tarnation” were not my favorite films. Even though both these films were lauded for their personal perspective and innovative direction, I just found them both disjointed (okay, so maybe that was the point with “Tarnation”). This is not the case with “My Architect” a son’s story of his father, the renowned architect Louis Kahn.

My Architect is easily the best documentary I have seen in many years. The story is woven with both emotion and a compelling narrative – I really felt I was being drawn in to the filmmaker’s world and gaining an appreciation for Kahn’s genius at the same time. The cinematography is amazing and the filmmaker clearly has both an eye for architecture and knows how to tell a story with the camera. It was both moving and inspiring – definitely give it a look next time you are at the video store.

I was also struck by the parallels between Kahn’s life and that of Buckminster Fuller (although Bucky was never mentioned in the film). Both men were full of creativity and contradictions between their family and professional life. Both created artifacts and ideas that have withstood the test of time. I am continuing to read “Buckminster Fuller’s Universe” and this film gives me a different perspective.

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