Sohigian Family Hits the Road!

As you may already know we going to be heading out for a trip around the World for the next 9-10 months. We will travel from California to Hawaii on to Australia, then Thailand and eventually into Europe for 4-5 months. We leave Thursday October 12th for California and our flight to Hawaii goes out of SFO on Tuesday October 17th. We are not sure how long we will stay in Hawaii – we were planning on staying on the Big Island but since the Iron Man is going on it has been difficult to find accommodations that are reasonably priced. We may stay on Oahu for a couple weeks instead.

During our travels we will probably stop at Waldorf Schools in various countries and enroll the kids for short periods. We will also be working on farms in trade for accommodations (there is a group called Willing Workers on Organic Farms or WWOOF that we have joined that helps find suitable places). We will also be doing some street performing while on the road (a clowning/juggling show to include the entire family – thanks to Paul Battram for his help in putting together a show with us). It should be a fun adventure that is sure to provide several challenges.

If you are going to be traveling near us at any point in the next 9 months, please let us know so that we can connect. I will be sending out a mass emails so if you would like to receive periodic updates of our travels, please let me know(Drop me an email) . You can also keep up with our travels through this blog ( and we will post picture to flickr on a regular basis ( ).

Our plans will likely change during the year, but our general itinerary right now is:

October: Hawaii
November: Hawaii/Australia
December: Australia
January: Australia/Thailand
February: Thailand
March: Thailand/Europe (maybe India or Egypt in between)
April: Europe – Italy
March: Italy/France
April: France
May: Germany
June: France/UK
July: UK
August: New York and return to Portland (we are renting out our home while we are away)

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