The Magic Isles…

They call the trip along the Waikiki beach “The Magic Mile” (although locals sometimes refer to it as “The Tragic Mile”) because of the beauty fo the beach and the excitement of the strip. But Caleb was looking for a different kind of excitement while in Honolulu – the kind that can make an audience ooh and aahh.

We were headed into Honolulu to get a new filing for Caleb had recently lost. And for Caleb a trip to the a big city means one thing – the chance to head to the local magic store.

We started the day with a walk down the Magic Mile on Kalukaua Ave that fronts the beach. We stopped into one of the ubiquitous ABC Stores (there is one on virtually every corner of Wakiki) to buy some post cards. We also asked to use their Yellow Pages to look for magic stores in the area. We figured we could walk to one on the Magic Mile, but it turned out there were only two in the entire city. One was clearly just a distributor from someone’s home, but the other looked more promising and it was only a short drive from Honolulu’s Chinatown where we planned to have lunch. So after lunch we attempted to find “Zuki’s Magic” in a somewhat rundown residential district of Honolulu.

There were lots of one way streets and dead ends in the area =- it did not seem possible that there could be a magic store in this neighborhood. But just when we were about to give up we spotted a small storefront with the “C Zukemura Store – General Merchadise” There was a smaller handwritten sign on the door that said “Magic Store Open – Sat 9-5 only” We were in luck – it was 1 PM on Saturday.

We went into the store and it was crowded with both customers and staff. There were shelves on all sides of the 10’ x 12’ room. A magician was demonstrating tricks in the middle of the room (not sure if he worked there or not) and a Japanese couple was behind the glass counter with many magic apparatus on display. One friendly customer, there with his son, showed us several tricks – including one with a dollar bill that Caleb has started using regularly. Caleb showed several of his tricks (to gauge his skill level for any tricks he might purchase) and he also did some juggling.

We spent an hour in the store and the owners (Carol and Jimmy Zukimora) talked with us about our trip. It was definitely the most fun the family ever had in a magic store: This place had a real down-to-earth feel in contrast to the somewhat cheesy aura we often experience at magic stores. If you are in Honolulu on a Saturday, it is worth a look.

Caleb ended up getting a magic light trick and Anna got her first trick – a magic coloring book.

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