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The Juggling shows got going with two shows this week–one at the local library and another at a youth rally at a local church. Both shows were lots of fun and quite different. We have been frequenting the local library for books, music, books on tape and movies (and sometimes internet access). It was a few days before Halloween and they were having a free party that night at the library. We offered to do a show at the party and the librarian gratefully accepted.

The show started at 6pm and there were probably 25 people in the audience. They were pretty much all locals and I think most were library regulars. Caleb did some magic as the crowd was gathering. We started our show with a new bit that includes Caleb and Anna running around and causing trouble.
Caleb also did 4 balls and I did 5 clubs. The old standby of apple eating went well

. Because it was a Halloween party, Meta and Anna even managed to dress up a bit.

The show went well although the crowd could have been more lively and we could have been smoother in our transitions. Note from Meta who’s playing secretary right now: It was a very good show except for the fact that Dave inadvertently made a little girl cry doing the machete bit where he goes to show how sharp the blades are by attempting to test it out on an audience member’s arm! Poor thing! She recovered OK and after the show we gave her one of the princess crowns in hopes it would make her feel better. Ugh! We decided after that mishap only to use that bit for the older members of the crowd. Live and learn. Back to the letter…

The next show was on Friday night in a small room for the local church that our neighbor attends in Waianae (town just south of Makaha where we are staying). We are a little nervous about this crown when we arrived; they were mostly older kids and teenagers–not always our best target audience. Most of them were running around outside shouting before the show and we weren’t sure if it was because they were excited about the upcoming performance or if they were just riled up in general (not a good thing for us). Once we got inside we saw that the room was a decent size and there were probably 30 adults and young adults in the room–some sitting on the floor. Our neighbor, Charity, and two of her children (Dustin and Jocelyn) were there along with Pastor Michael, the young and charismatic leader of the congregation.

Once again, Caleb started out with some magic to warm up the crowd. He did the coloring book trick which Anna was a bit too shy to perform. The reaction was incredible–several of the teens threw their hands up in amazement–“did you see that?!?.” It was going to be a good crowd after all. We did our opening routine (which I will record soon so everyone can see it) and then went through 3, 4, 5 and even 6 balls. The 6 ball routine is a new one–with Caleb up on my shoulders juggling while I juggle below. I did the apple eating trick which got a great reaction–particularly from the Samoan kid that I spit apples up on–you can see Caleb cracking up in the video and Pastor Michael pointing and laughing at the end as well. This group ended up being one of the best crowds I have ever played to–with the notable exception of the crowd at the Cedarwood School’s Winter Faire (which we will unfortunately miss this year). We ended up doing a few extra bits at the end because they were so appreciative and we have been invited to do another show on Monday, November 5th, for some other members of the congregation who were unable to attend the first show.

The name we have been using so far has been the “Sohigian Family Jugglers” but we’re thinking we need to get a better name for the show. Some ideas we have:
*Crusaders of Silliness
*The Jugglers Journey
*SoHuge Family Circus (Meta’s 2nd favorite)
*The Jugglers Journey
*The Circus Caravan
*Stewards of Silliness and Purveyors of Goodwill
*Team Micha-el (with accompanying theme song)
*Way of the Peaceful Jugglers (Meta’s favorite)
*Dave and the Little People
*Circus Peace and
*A Peace of Circus (Meta also likes this one)

We welcome your vote and/or further suggestions.

And for those of you wondering where Meta fits into the show–currently she manages logistics, photo/video taking, and cheers us on from the wings. But this role has led to the development of a new character for the show that will debut soon. Meta will play the overzealous cheerleader (complete with pom-poms and semi high-kicks). She will probably have several cheers that she will lead the audience in and will be a wonderful clown against my straight-man juggling routines.

We have managed to have some vacation style fun as well–including our fair share of island treats, fattening breakfasts , sitting on the beach or under it! And making sand castles .

We are also quite looking forward to our travels in Australia. Our first stop will be in Syndey–we will spend 7-10 days there seeing the sights and finding a car to use while in Australia. We have an incredibly generous offer from an Aussie friend (Brad Colwell–thanks, Brad!) to stay at his 3 bed apartment during that time. Brad has even generously offered to pick us up at the airport! Aussie hospitality in action! You rock, Brad!

We will head North from Sydney up to the Thora Valley (about 4 hrs. north) to spend a month working on area farms while the kids finish up the school year attending the local Waldorf school (if all goes well with admissions, etc…) Meta also hopes to have the family spend some time at the Warrah School helping out in some capacity. The Warrah School is the equivalent of the Camphill School in New York and elsewhere that house, school, and put to work developmentally disabled folks. They also run a biodynamic farm and store as well. Will keep you posted on developments there.

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  1. Hi Dave and family,
    Great blog! Hope you can come see us in Wamberal (AUS) soon,
    Dave Ferguson

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