Spam, Spam, Spam, Sushi and Spam

Spam, Spam, Spam, Sushi and Spam
It’s hard to believe, but they really do make sushi from spam here in Hawaii. Caleb had never tasted spam and was very curious so we got one for him.
Caleb considers the Spam Sushi
He really seemed to enjoy the thing (which we found at a local sushi joint, but can be purchased pre-packaged at 7/11). He was able to eat about half of the thing but unfortunately ended up with the runs later that day. Needless to say, no requests for spam sushi for the rest of the trip would be had.

We are pretty well done with Hawaii – three weeks on the island of Oahu has satisfied our need for a break from the rat race. This side of the island has lovely weather, but there is not much to do with the family. The beaches are wonderful – we particularly like the lagoons at Ko Olina and have visited there several times this week. We have also been stopping in at the local Internet Café to check messages and also the local Shave Ice stand for treats. The library has continued to be a mainstay as well as daily visits to the pool in our complex.
Anna, Caleb, Kathryn and Jean-Paul
We also enjoyed several days with our cousins (actually first cousins once removed) Kathryn and Jean-Paul. They took us on a train ride on the West side of the island (sponsored by the local train society) and hosted us for lunch at their lovely place in Honolulu and managed to fit in a swim in their gorgeous dark-blue tiled community pool. It was wonderful to have some time with family, and the kids really loved spending time with Kathryn and Jean-Paul. We may end up seeing them again on our travels if they end up in France next summer (Jean-Paul is originally from France and Kathryn speaks fluently).

We have gotten to know our upstairs neighbors pretty well – Jocelyn is 11 years old and has gone with us on several day trips. Her family belongs to the church where we have done performances. We did one final show the night before we left – notable mainly for the introduction of Meta’s cheerleader character Meta Cheers (those pom-poms are made out of plastic shopping bags) and a new finale Show finale

Mosquitos have been a bit of a problem – we have gotten to be expert at killing them at night although it can often result in a mess Bugged!.

We have enjoyed our time on the west coast of Oahu, but it definitely has a different feel from the rest of the places in Hawaii that we have visited. There is a lot of homelessness and poverty on this side of the island and it is where you can see how Hawaii can be like a third world country with a thin veneer. Many of the locals are what I would call “rough necks” – big tough guys that are a little grumpy about life. We did not run into any trouble – quite the opposite – but you definitely get the sense that if you were looking for a fight here, you could have one.

On our last day here while enjoying a shave ice at the corner mall, a local guy named Brandon approached us about seeing him do some fishing. We eagerly agreed to accompany him a couple hundred yards to his fishing hole to see him in action.
He was obviously down on his luck and knew that entertaining some tourists might result in a friendly gesture on our part (he was right). After just a few moments he managed to bring in one small fish (a goat fish) Goat Fish and another larger fish ended up breaking his line. He told us about some of the local history and we gave the fish back to the sea as an offering to the gods. Caleb enjoyed the experience Brandon and Caleb Shaka and we felt it was a nice finish to the trip.

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