Ford: Made in Australia

We have been getting around Sydney via public transit since we arrived – it has been slow, but gets us where we want to go. We took the train to the city, ferry to beach and buses to go shopping. But one of the main reasons why we are in Syndey is to line up a car for use during our two months in Australia.
We considered buying an old used car off of another backpacker or getting a newer car from a dealer before our housemate Brad
Brad having breakfast
suggested getting a nice car from an auction. He put us in touch with his good friend, Ali
Ali with the car he helped us buy
, who could help us with the transaction. Ali proved to be far beyond just helpful – he sorted out the bidding, inspection, registration and insurance on the car – going way beyond the call of duty. The auction itself was quite entertaining.

We now own a 2004 Ford Futura (smaller than a Taurus, bigger than an Escort) bought at auction for a good price.
New car at the Pickles auction
We should be able to sell it for a minimal loss in a couple months when we leave.
So now we need to adjust to driving on the wrong (left) side of the road. It is fairly stressful to learn this in Sydney – it is not the easiest town to navigate and drivers are fairly aggressive (by Oregon standards). We have managed our first trip into the city without incident (although with several wrong turns). Dave has done the driving until today when Meta took a try. We made it about a mile from the house before she missed a left turn. Dave suggested she pull over to regroup a bit. She pulled over in front of someone’s house and knocked over the garbage cans with the passenger side mirror (leaving a minor crack in the housing). Meta promptly decided that Dave would handle the driving – at least while we are in Sydney.

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