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Digsby Rocks!

I have been using various Instant Messaging consolidation services for a while now. I started with Trillian a few years back and then used meebo.com for a while. But both just never quite hit the mark (although I still use Meebo when I am away from my main computer). But last week I found Digsby, which combines IM (from Yahoo, Jabber, GTalk, MSN, AOL and IRC) along with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter!
The UI is slick - very functional and pared down to just the stuff that matters. It seems very stable and I am using it for my Gmail notifications as well as sending messages from Twitter. I don't know who is behind this application, but it is definitely a "build a better mousetrap". It reminds me of when Google blew all the competition out of the market in search years ago - it is that much better than ANY of the alternatives. It includes support for Mac, PC and Unix as well. What's not to like?

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