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Trimet Transit Tracker on Netvibes

I ported the Trimet Transit Tracker (that I originally created for Google Gadgets). It is up on Netvibes now, which supports Google Gadgets, Netvibes, Vista, Opera and Live gadgets/widgets all in one. Seems to be working...

netvibestracker.png netvibes tracker.png picture by dsohigian

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  1. David, all of your direct contact links are broken they go to 404 or 500 error pages. I would like to contact you directly.

  2. Anonymous,

    Sorry about that. It is fixed now. BTW, my email is my first name at sohigian.com



  3. Thanks, the email link is working. Your LinkedIn link, your about link and view detailed profile links are not working. I’m using FireFox on PC and Mac to view your blog.

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