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Caleb and his Dad juggling show on Youtube

In December, Caleb and I did a show at the Cedarwood Waldorf School. Luckily for us, one of our friends videotaped the whole thing and it is now up on YouTube. There are three videos (28 minutes total). Watch for a guest appearance by author Bart King in the third part.

Winter Faire 2008 Part 1
Winter Faire 2008 Part 2
Winter Faire 2008 Part 3

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Caleb Juggles Machetes


In addition to learning to juggle torches yesterday, Caleb is also getting comfortable with machetes. Machetes are actually more dangerous than torches because you can get a pretty nasty head wound off of the things. Although he may practice with them a bit more, we will probably wait a bit before putting them into the show...

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Caleb learns to juggle flaming torches…

This morning Caleb had been bugging me about learning to juggle torches. Yesterday he tried out my machetes and did not kill himself, so I figured I would let him have a go. Torches are less dangerous than machetes (unless you are fooling around with the fuel - ask my Brother, Aram, about that one) but they are A LOT scarier because, well, they are on fire. He did quite well:


Are we destined to be the shortest lived species?

From Louise Leakey's TED talk about Humanities Origins:

Who are we? We are certainly an agressive, polluting, wasteful species, with a few nice things thrown in perhaps. For the most part we are not particularly pleasant at all. We have a much bigger brain than our ape anscestors. Is this a good evolutionary adaptation. Or is it going to lead us to be the shortest lived hominid species on planet earth?

Although she it not a terribly good speaker, I found her message powerful. Because of her research (and that of her family's for two previous generations) she has a very long-term perspective on our planet.

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