Google Earth comes in handy!

Google Earth is a great tool for blowing away a few hours on the computer – you can fly all over the world looking at all sorts of interesting spots from the perspective of a satellite. But I found the my first practical use of Google Earth yesterday when I was trying to figure out a course from our home in the Lair HIll neighborhood of Portland to Downtown. There are several bike maps available that show the various streets with bike lanes and the multi-use paths, but I still could not figure out a way to get downtown safely from our neighborhood. It turns out that some innovative developer at Portland Metro decided to create a map overlay onto Google Earth – the “Bike There! map on Google Earth” that shows the various paths on top of the actual satellite photos. This was immensely helpful to find the right path.

For example, there is a pedestrian bridge near our home that was not really marked on any of the bike maps but could be used to bike across (it has a ramp rather than stairs). There are also a few low volume streets underneath the I-5 bridge that are marked on the Google Earth map but not shown on any of the other maps. Using these paths I was able to head out on a ride with the family yesterday and only have to cross one street with traffic. So maybe Google Earth is not just a time waster after all.

What’s up with the hair?

During my “sabbatical” I decided to bleach my hair blonde to make myself “unhirable”. The posts below show the progression of my hair over the last few months as it has grown back in to its natural color. This was last week with the kids and Caleb’s friend Frank. The blonde is almost completely gone and I will probably get the rest cut off this weekend. Was fun while it lasted, but it is time to get back to work again… Posted by Hello

A couple months later at the Fresno Museum (where my Mom’s art was on display). By this point the hair was starting to look more like I had frosted the tips. I actually prefer the more dorky looks of the bright red or purple. Posted by Hello

This was a photo from February at my Brother’s 40th. After leaving PSFT I decided to bleach my hair blonde for fun. Folks that have known me for a long time know that my hair has been various colors before. Posted by Hello