Snowed In
We have been kinda “snowed in” for the last few days. We decided to stay in Portland instead of Washougal because the Gorge winds have really been blowing – although the apartment is small we have still been able to get out by taking buses around town – if we were in Washougal we would be stuck in the house entirely. My neighbor in Washougal has said there are huge snow drifts and pumps are freezing up out there. It is very icy here in town, and we are hoping that it will melt off by tomorrow – snow is great, but ice is no fun at all.

LinkedIn Network

I have discovered an interesting social networking tool called LinkedIn. According to the website:

“Linkedin is an online service helping professionals find and connect with one another more effectively. Whether looking for jobs, a lead for that next deal, or seeking out an industry expert, members can make contact with thousands of professionals through a chain of trusted connections.”

I have signed up a bunch of folks and I am hoping to have them sign up connections as well. The idea is that you can gain insight into the connections you did not realize that you had. It is set up so you can’t “cold call” someone – sending them emails without some sort of connection to them. I have already discovered that the key is not having tons of connections, but rather having high quality connections – meaning with people that are also have lots of connections. So, if anyone who happens to read this wants to “Link In” – just go to my profile and sign on up.

Waldorf and Technology
Our son Caleb goes to a Waldorf School in Portland called the Cedarwood School. Waldorf Schools have been around for some time, but are starting to really expand in the last few years. Waldorf education is very holistic, focused on educating ” the Head, the Heart and the Hand”. I have lots of thoughts on how this relates to my work in technology, and will probably post several comments on my views in the near future.

Bryan Rhoads showed me this amazing site yesterday – it is collective encyclopedia called Wikipedia. Anyone can update entries into the encyclopedia, and it continues to grow on a daily basis. I will start using it as a reference point for many of my posts. For example, take a look at the definition of a wiki. This is a very interesting idea for any sort of collaboration. I am going to suggest some possibilities at my work.

Blog with Comments?

I am thinking that I should switch to a blog that has comments like livejournal. Personally I like to be able to add comments to blogs that I read, so I figure the people reading mine would like to do the same. Okay, who am I fooling – it’s only my Dad that reads this blog anyways. But maybe he wants to comment :-).

Mid Life Crisis
I have officially decided to have my mid life crisis when I turn 60. This will save me from the hassle of having it disrupt my career as well as my family life. It will mean that I will live until I am 120.