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A great quote from this interesting article:

One professor, William Lucy at the University of Virginia, has made a cottage industry out of examining the combined death rates for homicide and vehicle crashes. He found that the overall death rate is higher on the suburban fringes of metropolitan areas in Virginia than in the high-crime cities of Richmond and Washington, D.C.

In other words, because people on the edge of suburbs drive a lot — particularly on two-lane roads with curves and fast traffic — they may be putting themselves more at risk.

Yet, providing a safe environment for their kids is precisely one of the reasons I so often hear people give for moving to the edge of the countryside.

Read the whole thing here.

Catalog Choice -Makes it Happen!

For the last 4 years I have been thinking about putting together a service that would allow for easy (and free) removal from catalog mailing lists. Although I tried several times to get a project going to create a site with this functionality, I never was able to get it going. Even though I often wondered about whether the idea could make money, I knew it would reduce the waste inherent in the direct mail business. Because of that I have held out hope that someone would provide a similar service.
Thankfully Catalog Choice is now providing a free, easy to use service that will allow you to remove yourself from specific catalog mailing lists. I have signed up for the service and I have to say it is very clean and easy to use. I am currently a subscriber to stopthejunkmail.com ($20 per year) but I will be dropping that service now that CatalogChoice is out. CatalogChoice is definitely easier to use than stopthejunkmail.com and although I suspect the catalog list at CatalogChoice is smaller than stopthejunkmail.com, that won’t last long if CatalogChoice becomes popular.
The really nice thing about CatalogChoice is that it is a not-for-profit sponsored by several non-profits, which will help in it’s credibility. Making the service free to consumers is definitely the right business model, and there is definitely the possibility of making money on the back end without violating the privacy of consumers.
Way to go CatalogChoice: Count me in!