Caleb learns to juggle flaming torches…

This morning Caleb had been bugging me about learning to juggle torches. Yesterday he tried out my machetes and did not kill himself, so I figured I would let him have a go. Torches are less dangerous than machetes (unless you are fooling around with the fuel – ask my Brother, Aram, about that one) but they are A LOT scarier because, well, they are on fire. He did quite well:

Are we destined to be the shortest lived species?

From Louise Leakey‘s TED talk about Humanities Origins:

Who are we? We are certainly an agressive, polluting, wasteful species, with a few nice things thrown in perhaps. For the most part we are not particularly pleasant at all. We have a much bigger brain than our ape anscestors. Is this a good evolutionary adaptation. Or is it going to lead us to be the shortest lived hominid species on planet earth?

Although she it not a terribly good speaker, I found her message powerful. Because of her research (and that of her family’s for two previous generations) she has a very long-term perspective on our planet.